09 November 2012

Surprise! More stripey socks

Yeah, this project probably is not a surprise. I love stripes, and I love socks: what could be better for knitting down the sock yarn stash than a pair of tri-colored stripey socks?

These are two-row alternating stripes in plain stockinette stitch.  Yarn details (sort of) are on my Ravelry project page. I'm alternating between 6 stripes of white and 6 stripes of marigold, all against a background of variegated trekking. I originally thought I might incorporate another yarn in a tonal cerulean shade, but I think it was a better choice to stick with solids as contrast colors.

One major upside of my ongoing stashbusting mission is that I have not purchased any new sock yarn since February. That's right, February. The plastic tub's worth of sock scraps is... not noticeably depleted.  Socks really don't use up as much yarn as I thought! I may be forced to start one of these...


kathy b said...


Love the look of the stash buster socks.. Really nice

None since February?? YOU ARE GOOD. Make it through the year????

Anonymous said...

Those socks are gorgeous! I love how the variegated yarn gives the effect of lots of different stripes between the two solid colors. I actually just started a beekeeper's quilt a few weeks ago! (and blogged about it today! http://www.julierosesews.com/2012/11/on-needles-busy-bee-blanket_10.html in case you're interested.) If you do start one, I'd love to do a mini-skein swap-- ridiculously, I don't actually knit socks yet, so I've been doing some major stash enhancement for a so-called scrap project. :P

Have a wonderful day!
xo Julie

Julie said...

stash busting socks are always a win! I love the colours here.

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