26 September 2012

FO: Francis III

Goal: get my hat pattern written up and ready for sale.

Action Step: knit more colorwork projects in awesome color combinations. Not a problem since I love the stuff and seem to be addicted right now.

Progress: so fast. I originally hoped I'd have a "work in progress" post for you guys, but nope, it's just another FO.

I cast on for this yesterday while I was being a proctor for a calculus placement exam some of the incoming university freshman take and finished weaving in the ends last night with the help of some episodes of Supernatural season 7. Netflix is my best friend right now, mailing me season 2 of Downton Abbey, offering Supernatural and Vampire Diaries on Watch Instantly, and it just e-mailed me this morning to inform me that Gossip Girl season 5 is available online.

Expect more knitting progress and a pattern soon.


Julie said...

it's so pretty!!! I love the yarn you chose, and the colourwork looks great.

kathy b said...

it is a beauty!~

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