25 September 2012

FO: Brocade on Parade

Okay. I am WAY OVEREXCITED about this project. SO so great. And it's not old/vintage/revived from the yarn pit; it's all new.

Yarn: I do not read the language that appears on the yarn label, however, I am pretty sure the brand is Snaeldan, and I have two shades - 24 (purple) and 1 (white/natural). The yarn was a gift from the wonderful N., who brought it to me in Chicago all the way from the Faroe Islands, where, according to our Dutch source, the men are uniformly unbelievably attractive. The yarn is not too shabby, either.

Pattern: Brocade socks by Lauren Osborne (Hungry Knitter), size M/L on US 3 dpns
Notice how these socks are designed by a friend and made from yarn a friend bought for me? The whole thing feels like a lovely collaboration between all my friends to make my mom some slipper socks that she is going to luuuuuuuurve. I love projects like this.

Mods: This yarn is pretty solid, so I didn't knit the heel flap with two strands of MC held together, as instructed. I think the heel will probably hold up anyway. Also because the yarn is heavy, I knit fewer rows for the heel flap before working the turn rows. It just meant fewer decreases down the gusset, which is no big deal. Hooray for less work, really.

Verdict: I am completely thrilled. The end result is fabulous, and the knitting was the right balance of challenging and simple.  My knitting group would also make some pointed comments about how fast I knit these up (start to finish in 5 days). Look, colorwork is addictive, and I'm pretty speedy. That's my excuse.

Here, have another picture. THESE ARE SO GREAT!!!

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lauren said...

!!!!!!!!! I am way overexcited too!!

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