30 March 2012


No, this isn't a war, even though I was so tired out last night I slept for... 11 hours, and my abs feel like I've been crawling around in a trench for a few days (dang stupid yoga plank! I will get that six pack if it kills me, and it probably will!).

Anyway, I'm headed off on a mini retreat in Wisconsin with some Church people tonight, and so far I know I'm packing this whole pile of things:

The perfect balance of work and relaxation, no? Especially since the socks are stockinette, so I can work on them while reading. Hooray! Probably I will also need some clothes and a toothbrush and stuff. Minor details.

Speaking of clothes (check out that smooth transition), I have a new favorite outfit that I wore yesterday to go meet a professor at the University where I taught this past fall and where I'll be teaching a couple of courses again next semester. They gave me a very sweet belated Christmas gift of a travel mug emblazoned with the University logo, and a whole pack of similarly inclined pencils. I am excited to use them all.

Shirt: Old Navy // Cardigan: Target // Jeans: Gap // Haircut: needed, ASAP!

The earrings (cheapies from H&M) might be my favorite part.

What are your weekend plans?

1 comment:

kathy b said...

Great look on you. LOVE the earrings. I lost them so quickly I don't spend lots of money on earrings.
Workend for me. Knitting shawl tonight while watching TV to keep my mom company

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