27 March 2012

More Fizz!

Fizzy water (made by my new SodaStream machine) has made my life so happy, and I pretty much drink an entire liter of it every evening.

Tea in the evenings is a lovely new ritual that helps me calm down before sleep. Last night's choice was white grapefruit.

And spinning is a quick and satisfying way to get in a bit of fiber crafting when my mind is tired at the end of the day. I spun the second half of this great fiber from Kathy B. last night while listening to music.

Because there is also musical accompaniment for all this gloriousness:

Here's to more fizz!

1 comment:

kathy b said...

maybe I need fizzy water to get me to drink more!!

My son loves the Punch brothers.

AMazed at how the yarn spins up so differently from the roving...ENJOY knitting with it allison!

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