17 January 2012

A flurry of FOs, #2 & #3

Mittens! Good for winter thrills and chills.

Yarn: Trekking XXL
Needles: US 2 dpns, set of 5

Pattern: This one I made up for myself.  Basically I started with a ribbed cuff, knit up in stockinette to make a nice long cuff that could be tucked inside a coat, and made a thumb gusset. I left the live thumb stitches on waste yarn while I knit up for palm and fingers, then did what's pretty much a sock toe, decreasing to a very small number of stitches before kitchenering things together to create plenty of room for finger wiggling.  I did this for both mittens, then I packed them up very nicely in a plastic bag with the yarn and buried them in my stash for two years.

Yes, I am that weird/dumb/ridiculous.

This weekend I pulled them out, completed the thumbs, did some weaving in of ends, and added them to the winter accessories rotation. Woohoo! Near-instant project satisfaction!


kathy b said...

Love the colors. THe design is perfect

Magses said...

They're simple and (hopefully!) super effective. Fab.

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