03 January 2012

Etsy Monday: Dreamy Winter Teatime

Hello, dear readers, and hello, 2012!

I've been holding off on posting because I'm still trying to settle on the right word for 2012; there are a few candidates...  "Joy" in 2011 was such a huge part of my life; taking the time to search for the meaning of joy, to really aim for joyfulness in the important decisions I made, and to notice the presence of joy in everyday moments changed my perspective in significant ways that I'm still working to figure out.  So the word for 2012 is pretty important. I haven't quite got it yet.

In the meantime, enjoy these dreamy winter Etsy finds. I could certainly imagine dressing up for afternoon tea with the help of these little items, what with the onset of a cold, icy January.

Tree branch winter photo (to help set the scene, you see)

My Monography shop

Blue Ice earrings

Lazy Giraffe Jewellery shop

Egyptian Goddess dress
River of Romansk shop

Hand-painted tea cups

Simply Pretty Prints shop

Bragging Bags shop

Raw chocolate teapot

Clam Lab shop
What would make your afternoon tea break perfect today?


Grace said...

I love my afternoon tea---to make it perfect a fresh scone would be nice but haven't found any good gluten free ones yet!!! I adore that tea pot you posted!

Allison said...

Thanks! It just has such a cute shape. Glad I was able to pop by your blog, too.

kathy b said...

I love those earrings. SNow would make my day. Seriously, I miss it. THis winter is too weird for me.

I 'd like a fresh fizzy coke right now....but I'm being good and having WATER.

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