10 November 2011

Work and socks, con.

We have hit that point in the academic year where the work just keeps coming and it won't slow down!

I have a class to teach tonight, grading and reading to do this weekend, and a bunch of translating, workshops, and meetings next week before I take off for the big annual conference in San Francisco and a (hopefully relaxing) Thanksgiving holiday with family.  I'll just admit right now that I'm a bit stressed out and not sure exactly how I'll manage to get all my work done with everything that's going on.  Oh, and there were snow flurries this morning when I was walking back from the gym; it was so pretty, but this does not bode well for getting out of the house and working in the library!

Good thing I have more sock knitting than I can shake a stick at to keep me sane...

Sock guts. Fun!

What's keeping you busy this week?

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