08 November 2011

An everyday kind of treat

Sprinkle pancakes. 

Yes, you read that correctly. I had pancakes filled with fall-colored sprinkles for breakfast the other day. This was such an easy way to make the start of my day a little bit more special that I thought I'd share it with you in case you'd like to try it yourself! It's perfect for a rainy fall day.

The ingredients:
Pancake mix or your favorite recipe for pancake batter from scratch
A bit of oil for the pan

The how to:
1. Mix your batter as usual.

2. Add in a healthy dose of sprinkles of your choice. The more the merrier, I think.

3. Heat your pan or griddle and add a bit of oil

4. Pour batter into the pan, wait for the edges to get a bit bubble, and flip those pancakes.  You can see from the upper right corner of this next picture that sometimes I stink at the flipping part.

5. Add butter, syrup, powdered sugar, a few more sprinkles - whatever you like - and enjoy!

Doesn't that just look like a lot more fun than a plain old flapjack?


Julie said...

such a cute idea!!

kathy b said...

that is positively magic!

Have you ever made cornmeal pancakes with jiffy corn mix? To DIE for. You;ll love them. The recipe is on the side of the box

Allison said...

Thanks, friends! Kathy, I'll definitely have to try those, maybe with some frozen corn kernels mixed in, too.

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