26 November 2011

Home again

Back to Chicago after a wonderful week in California with friends, colleagues, and family.  We are basically all clowns when we drive around in the car.  Joe thinks we are ridiculous.

He is right.

And we just don't care!

Also I got to have Thanksgiving dinner with this giant cat.

I finished my commissioned socks, which are now all set to ship out in the mail.  I also got started on another pair of Monkeys (addictive pattern, I tell you!) in this great shade of Knit Picks Stroll Tonals.

Now it's back to work shifts and class prep and working out at the gym. After one more afternoon of lounging and relaxing and knitting really fast. What are you up to as this holiday weekend comes to a close?


lauren said...

omg that first picture has my DYING. Your brother looks SO SUPER MAD and your little crazy face in the mirror is just too much. HA. Welcome back!! I would like to say I was very diligent in my homework and went to the gym a million times while you were away but sadly that is not the case.

kathy b said...


is that a MAINE COON? GOrgeous cat! Looks like good fun was had.
I am as of tonight, Sunday, off nights for a month...wahOOOOOO!!! Im working one little shift a week in the evenings...time to have FUN and sleep normal awhile

Allison said...

Thanks, Lauren! Maybe we can be diligent in our hw together sometime this week - study party?
Kathy, it was a Maine Coon, and he was totally adorable lounging in that chair. I have another picture that I'll prob post later this week. Enjoy your time off!!!

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