18 November 2011

Friday: Link Love

There is, in fact, a lovely link at the end of this post. Scroll down if you would like to skip my recap of Thursday.

Happy Friday, friends! I am so glad this week is nearly over; it has been one of those super stressful stretches of time that I just want to wipe from my memory.  At the same time, though, life has a really great way of offering small, cheerful moments that just balance everything out.  Let me tell you two stories to explain what I mean.

Road Rage
I'm not a particularly violent person.  For a long time I've thought that I have no patience, but lately friends have been telling me they think I'm actually incredibly patient.  One friend has even informed me that he thinks I ought to tap into my anger more often.  This little episode from yesterday morning is for him.
I was running late from the moment I hopped out of bed, which meant no time for my regular workout and very little time to get myself together before leaving for campus.  I decided to walk instead of taking the bus, because I thought this would help me feel a little more calm and centered.
Wrong! By the time I got to campus I was practically fuming about all the cars that didn't let me go in the crosswalk, all the other pedestrians who were just dilly-dallying along the sidewalk, and stupid traffic signals that were slowing me down. Basically I had the walker's version of road rage.
Then I got to campus and tried to walk across the quad, weaving my way through groups of grinning students and people hugging each other, and all of this gladness just made me even more grumpy.  Right before I turned aside to go into my building, I saw it: the last straw.  An undergrad, dressed in her stylish outfit and perfect slouchy hat, had planted herself artfully under a tree in the middle of the quad and was strumming away at her guitar.  People, it was 35 degrees out and it's nearly finals week, and maybe this was her way of dealing with stress, but I wanted to walk up and kick her guitar in the face.  Road rage, I tell you.

A Sweet Library Story
First, a preface.  Earlier in the week, the library staff removed the table I normally use for studying and replaced it with a completely different kind of table.  Before, I had a shelf of books at face height, so I felt a little secluded and I wasn't distracted by seeing other people walk around.  Now, the table is low and sometimes other people want to come share it with me (which is fine. I like these people and I like sharing; it's just different), and every time I check Facebook or Pinterest I feel like everyone in the library knows I'm goofing off.  I'd like to say, "Hey, no big deal! I like change!" but that would be a lie.  It has sort of thrown me off.
Anyway, my library pal (the guy for whom I made this mini sweater) came over to the table yesterday afternoon to say hello.  When he asked how I was doing, I gave him the honest answer, which was, "I'm really stressed out!"  He said, "Hang in there," and walked away to his normal table.  Within 5 minutes he had returned with a tiny stuffed panda in hand.  He gently set the panda down on the edge of my table and said, "Here. You can keep this for as long as you want."  It was so incredibly sweet, and now I have this little panda living in my locker to remind me that stress is very easily dissolved and I don't need to kick anyone's guitar.

And now, the link!
Just one this week, because it actually takes you to a collection of other links - blogs, shops, Pinterest accounts - that you should definitely check out.  Go read a mini-interview sponsor feature on Kyla's blog. I think you'll recognize one of the sponsors...

Do you have any stories or links to share? Are you glad it's Friday?


Julie said...

ah, great stories!! I don't get road rage either, but am prone to walker's rage, especially when people just suddenly stop in the middle of the sidewalk to check their phone or something, with no clue how many people are behind them.

kathy b said...

awww we are all entitled to feeling lousy with the stress of finals week I say! panda love is adorable..

it was the workend for me. Involved trying to photograph 3 triplet babies' for a thanksgvining card the nurses make for parents...IMPOSSIBLE to get them to look like anything other than mashed potatoes with lumps......

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