24 September 2011

10 Things, vol 27

 10 Things is my weekly list of things that are making me smile right now. Please share your own grin-inducing items and events in the comments!

1. Kalamata olives (especially as part of a tasty lemon-olive-chicken dish)
2. A great meeting with an instructor I'll be working with starting next week
3. Finding free novels in a streetside giveaway box
4. Working on a new hat design for the shop 
5. The first disc of season 2 of The Vampire Diaries. Hooray for Friday tv-watching marathons!!!
6. Applewood smoked swiss cheese with a honeycrisp apple as an "I just got home from school" snack
7. Pulling out all the handknit socks for fall
8. Finding a full-length mirror for just $17 - bargains make me really happy
9. Monorail kitty on the back of the couch
10. Adding more and more art to the walls


Michele said...

Love monorail kitty. Classic :)

kathy b said...

your cheese and apple snack sounds amazing

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