30 June 2011

Working on

Right now I'm working on:

*Knitting up sock #2 in the Papaver pattern, using this fantastic pink and purple shade of Ella Rae lace merino.

*Organizing exam reading lists; fun times in the library! Any Chicago friends want to join me for homework parties?

*Budgeting to pay off some of my student loans now that I have all these wonderful jobs lined up.

*Resisting the temptation to rush out and get more of this every single day. Who knew I'd have a terrible weakness for fro-yo with delicious toppings?

*Planning fun nail polish combinations. Right now I've got bright blue with silver, pink, and blue glitter.

*Making a list for grocery shopping that actually includes fruit and not just every vegetable ever.

*Working up the courage to kick up into handstand in yoga class. I am sort of a big chicken...

*Putting together short, happy summer playlists for walks to and from campus. There are no sad songs allowed right now!

What are your current projects? Anything exciting happening on this summer Thursday?


lauren said...

YAY YOU'RE BACK! You know I'm alllll about the homework parties. I work M-W-F but I'm trying to have some enforced homework evenings on Ms and Ws. And of course Ts and Ths I'll definitely be around for working. Let's talk!!

Allison said...

Hooray! I will e-mail you and we can make some plans :) Also plans to go to the Violet Hour because we still haven't done that.

Rachel J said...

Froyo is the best! And the strawberries this year are really good.

kathy b said...

I LOVE ella rae yarns. Your socks are so pretty!

I am working on:
More sleep tonight and tomorrow. Ive been burning the proverbial candle at both ends for a week now...I know better. Time to rest.

I am working on:
teaching kittens to eat solids

I am working on:
Kayaking skills

I am working on :
ripping out some lousy knit projects...and rethinking the yarn !

Allison said...

Kathy, good luck with your kayaking! That sounds like a great summer project.

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