24 June 2011

Friday: Link Love

Summertime is for reading, and this week's links are all about books. Have you read any great stories or nonfiction lately?

*** This is an incredibly cool use of kraft paper and a white pen. I kind of want to cover all my books now, except that I'm such a visual person that I tend to remember commentaries and textbooks not by author and title but by saying, "Yeah, you know, the orange one with the picture of Paul on the front?"

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*** This entry from Academichic is from back in May, but it's still totally great! E. dressed like a book cover, and I love how the color combination turned out. This might be a fun thing to try when I'm teaching in the fall.... 

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Yes, I got the job I mentioned on Saturday after an interview on Monday afternoon, so I'll be an adjunct with my first solo course in September!!! After I figure out the syllabus, I can get down to the other important stuff: I think I need to start practicing putting together good teaching outfits. You can expect some classroom wardrobe-related posts here soon.

*** Hilda Grahnat shares a sweet book from her childhood with a hilarious sketch by her brother, who apparently was unhappy with her when he drew it. 

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*** And here's what I'm reading on my vacation (among other, unexpected and wonderful things, like watching all of season 1 of the Vampire Diaries!):
Alexander McCall Smith's Isabel Dalhousie/Sunday Philosophy Club series (and every time I read one of these books, I feel more and more like I need to go to Scotland)

Stieg Larsson's The Girl Who Kicked the Hornet's Nest

Won't you share some reading suggestions in the comments? 


lauren said...

HOORAY you got the job!! That's completely fabulous!

As for books, last night at knitting Mandy was really pushing Cloud Atlas, and I'm inclined to trust her opinions.

JCole said...

There two great non-fictions I would recommend:

"At Home" by Bill Bryson. It's billed as the history of a house (basically), which sounds like the driest thing ever, but it's more a history of everything that you never learned in school. Awesome.

"Self-Made Man" by Norah Vincent. The woman lived an entire year as a man. Fascinating!

Rachel J said...

Aw, covering your books brings back memories! In High School we'd always try to find the coolest contact paper we could--I always tried to decorate my book cover all crazy (only to get it covered in nasty pen marks from sitting in my bag after a month)

Andrea said...

I love to read but am so bad at making time for it. I've been "reading" Tinkers for the last three months and the book is like 150 pages! If I could just sit down and read it one weekend I could finish it.

Molly said...

Congratulations on getting the teaching job! I'm so happy for you!

I'm reading Roman Blood by Steven Saylor. Cicero hires a detective to investigate the Sextus Roscius patricide. It's like film noir meets the Rome miniseries. I love it.

kathy b said...

Fireman just finished Kitchen Confidential
Now he is reading Unbroken by the author o f Sea Biscuit
I am reading Modoc a true elephant story
My daughter just finsihed zookeeper's wife and STIFF.
I want to read Stiff. not macabre, just interesting.

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