01 June 2011

Forest & Trees, Day 2

The Forest:
Yesterday, the part of the big picture that came into view, and which I've been thinking about, but only obliquely for the last few weeks, was fitness and health.  Important questions in this area include: How am I taking care of the body that allows me to enjoy all of my favorite activities like yoga, running, knitting, laughing, relaxing, and eating?  Is there sufficient room in my schedule for the kind of exercise and relaxation that I know make me feel more energetic and happy?  Are the habits I'm practicing right now actually sustainable in the longterm, so that I can be one of those active old ladies who rides a bike or walks everywhere and has plenty of energy to play at the park with grandkids and then play Mahjong games with her friends? (let's momentarily ignore the fact that I already play Mahjong games with my friends and have other decidedly old-ladyish traits!)

a little visual inspiration from the Athleta site

The Trees:
On the good side, I noticed all the great things I did to take care of this body of mine and all the great work it did throughout the day.  My feet do a lot of hard work walking to and from campus plus everywhere else I drag them!  A quick, middle of the day workout at the gym actually made me feel refreshed when I went back to the library to do some more reading and reminded me to take stretch breaks when I was sitting there.  I took my (gummy) vitamins in the morning and enjoyed a walk outside in the late afternoon.

Some things could still be improved, including what I'm eating. Poor planning yesterday morning meant I didn't get any lunch or snacks until 3:00, plus I didn't drink very much water.  The solution for today? Take my water bottle and a little snack bag to the library - easy peasy :) Can any of you suggest quick and easy snacks that you like to enjoy on the go? Your ideas will definitely help me get a bit more creative this week than "oh, an orange!"

What did you notice about the forest and the trees yesterday? 


Julie said...

I think it's awesome that you are spendign time thinking about how you want to cultivate your life and your health, and thinking about better choices. I've been on a healthy kick lately myself, and I feel so much more calm and happy. I kept a time diary, and was stunned to see how much time I was frittering away in the evenings after work on the internet and TV. Now I limit how much I'm looking at both, and I have suddenly so much more time to do things that I actually want to do!

kathy b said...

Latest creative project:

Framing a few really good images I've taken with my new camera. I framed the mammatus clouds I saw in Minnesota. It blew up to 8x10 beautifully.

kathy b said...

Allison < I Posted on the wrong page I think. Does that count?

HEre are my healthy snack ideas that I got from my daughter, an ER nurse who also works nightshift. Trust us, nothing tastes better than junk at 0300. It is hard to fight it.
BUT: Cliff bars with at least 5 g protein work well, whole wheat english muffin witha peanut butter shmear,
gum, for chew satisfaction, change the gum often
junior mints if you must have a treat. Low fat and satisfying.

JCole said...

YAY for gummy vitamins!

I like almonds for a snack. It's easy for me to overeat them, though, so I portion them out.

Allison said...

Kathy, I won't forget to add your entry for the giveaway!
Thanks for the snack ideas. I'm also an almond fiend, Jenni :)

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