21 May 2011

10 Things, vol 10

10 Things is my weekly post listing the everyday happenings and exciting events that are making me smile right now. 

image via weheartit

1. the challenge of two (very different) yoga classes this week
2. fresh fruit in the morning
3. pretzel buns
4. dreaming of a windowsill garden for the summer
5. playing on Pinterest (let's follow each other)
6. getting ready to find deals at a giant yard sale this morning
7. gift earrings with portraits of the Madonna and child
8. episodes of Bones
9. fairy lights in the window
10. potstickers with that spicy chili sauce
ETA: #11. My little sister just got ENGAGED!!!

What's making you smile this week? If you write your own 10 Things post, won't you share a link in the comments? 


Melissa at bubbyandbean.com said...

This is beautiful. I love the "Seek the Joy" sign at your yoga class! And congratulations to your sister!


faeriecollege said...

Congratulations to your sister!

I'm craving pretzel buns now. Mmmmm.

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