02 April 2011

10 Things

Good morning and happy Saturday! I had a great time hanging out with wonderful friends last night (hi, Lauren!), after a day full of yoga, conversation, homework, and meetings. Without further ado, here is my list of smile-worthy things.

image via weheartit

1. saving change to donate it
2. working on a pair of socks all for me
3. a new tissue box that matches everything in my living room
4. delicious pizza for dinner last night
5. hw assignment of figuring out what this papyrus says - a fun puzzle!
6. changing the calendar page
7. brunch plans this morning
8. fitting into my "skinny" jeans
9. re-reading a novel that I loved as a kid
10. fancy earrings

What's making you smile this weekend? Happy Saturday and happy crafting!


Rachel J said...

Ah hey, I'm a change-saver, too. Mostly because I don't like to have wallets with coin pockets.

But I've got to say what made me smile this weekend was sitting next to a stranger on the train who was so much like me, that we were able to talk and laugh on the whole hour long ride home.

kathy b said...

Your 10 things are making me smile. I loved the smiley faces, take one!
other things making me smile:
*growing kittens*
*noodle kugel*
*getting 4 hours off and only working an 8 hour shift*
*images sent to my cell phone from friends*
*waiting for thunderstorms arriving*
*because April showers bring May flowers and april flowers too

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