02 March 2011

On and off the needles, plus a pattern!

You got a peek at some of my knitting in yesterday's treat photo, but I'm back to tell you more about what's currently on and off my knitting needles. It's been a slow few weeks for knitting projects (or maybe it just feels like time is moving very very slowly, so any knitting time I get doesn't stand out in my mind!). I finished a circle scarf requested by my friend Andrea, in Knit Picks Andean Silk, colorway Whisker.

The paired ribbed and cabled fabrics look nice together when the loop is doubled around the neck, and Andrea actually wore part of it up around her ears like a hood - another cute look I hadn't even thought of. This project used 4 skeins of yarn, and it's just about the right length. When spring break hits in just one more week, I'll be writing up this pattern (probably with a larger 6 skein variation, too) to submit to the Knit Picks Independent Designers Program hopefully for future publication - cross your fingers for me!

I've also been working on a second commission, a cowl and armwarmers set in off-white acrylic for a woman at my school.  I bound off the second armwarmer last night and just have to weave in the ends so I can deliver these warm goodies to her before winter is over. We've been having sunny weather the last few days, but I know more snow is just around the corner in March...

The pattern for these armwarmers, in case you're interested in making your own, is as follows:

Using your favorite worsted weight yarn, CO 40 sts and distribute evenly on 4 dpns for working in the round
Work 10 rounds in k1, p1 ribbing
Switch to stockinette stitch and work 8 rounds
P all sts for 1 round
[Work four rounds in stockinette and one in all purl sts]
Repeat the part in brackets until the armwarmers are approximately 2.5 inches shorter than final desired length
Work 8 rounds in stockinette
Work 10 rounds in k1, p1 ribbing
BO all sts and weave in ends.

That's it. Super simple but cute and warm :)

There's one more project on my needles right now, but it is so awesome that it deserves its own post. Look out for that later this week! What's on your needles right now?


LEO said...

ZOMG that scarf!!! I think it's a TOTAL winner.

kathy b said...

Well for once I have three things on the needles. My Mirror mirror vest . I have the back and part of the fronts done.
I have a super simple neck bandanna going on
and I have a tie for my son who is in college and tutors for his grant money.

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