04 March 2011

Friday: Link Love

Happy Friday, all! I hope your week has been wonderful :)
Mine has included some very satisfying kitchen adventures: Nicole and I made our first tofu dish, and it turned out so well; then I made a delicious broccoli cream soup; AND I made a loaf of sourdough. Phew.
I've also experienced some even more satisfying school accomplishments: I finished the Hebrew grammar I've been studying, and I'm reading tons of Hebrew Bible verses all day every day. My vocabulary is growing steadily, and I'm feeling pretty confident about this upcoming exam.
Finally, and most intriguingly, the week has included some unexpected, highly interesting events, and things are gradually (or suddenly? It's hard to tell!) changing, I think for the better.  Don't you love it when the twists and turns of everyday life surprise you and make you feel hopeful?

I've had my favorite line from Alice in Wonderland stuck in my head all week:

image found on weheartit

But you're here for Friday links...

***Artist Michelle Armas paints some breathtakingly beautiful pieces. The colors make me swoon! This kind of painting is something I would like to try. Maybe I should add "paint a canvas" to my crafty 28 before 28 goals? It can replace "grow my hair into a bob", because I've officially decided that's not happening; short hair is too much fun.  Anyway, the paintings!

***Interested in participating in a blogger craft swap, organized by the brilliant Kelsey of Artichoke Designs? You'll make something to send to someone else, and you'll get something hand-crafted in return. This sounds fab, and I'm definitely joining in. You should, too!

***I might be totally obsessed with Adele's new album, especially this song. And 3 others. Plus about three other new-to-me albums that are in nonstop rotation on my iTunes. Have a listen!

***I need to make this cowl  (Rav link) in this exact color. Yes.

image shamelessly stolen from The A.D.D. Knitter's blog

Any inspiring links to share with the group? Please post them in the comments! 

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kathy b said...


Since my own swap just ended I signed up for the artichoke swap at your nudging!

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