11 February 2011

Friday: Link Love

Wow, this week just zoomed right on by! I've been working hard in the library and at home, getting lots of studying done and doing a bit of much needed cleaning, plus laundry. And I had a lesson in using the free weights at the gym (normally I am too intimidated by all the hulking men in the weight room, standing in front of the mirrors flinging around giant dumbbells and grunting, but one of my guy friends gave me some lessons and now I will join them, with less grunting and with my tiny dumbbells).  What a productive week!  I also got the chance to go ice skating last night, for the first time in 15 years. I am so proud of the fact that I only fell down once, and that I was actually able to build up some speed by the time I took my last turn around the rink.

Here are a few of my online favorites from the week:

***Over on Oh, Hello Friend: You Are Loved (perhaps the cutest blog name ever?), check out a whole set of pretty pretty things, from colorful doilies to tiny felt hearts to floral garlands.

***Keiko Lynn, fashion maven, shows you how to get this striking eye makeup look. Yes. I would like to look this awesome.

***Apple Blue is a neat crafty blog, and there's currently a giveaway going on for a great selection of items, including a vintage clutch, a set of iron-on transfers, and a paper garland! 

***Hahaha, I'm laughing at myself because I've been telling myself week after week that I shouldn't repost something that originally went up back in December if I'm focusing on neat blog entries from the current week, and today, when I had finally decided to just link to it, there was suddenly a new post at the top of the page! All that to say, I think this bag, from Liquid Sky Arts, is pretty freaking awesome, and I think you should have a look at it.

What have you seen this week that caught your attention? Share some links in the comments :) Happy Friday and happy knitting, friends!

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