14 February 2011

Etsy Monday: I Heart Stationery

You already know all about my obsession with yarn, wool, and fiber, and many of you also know I love cartoon food with faces in a way that is probably not healthy.  Today, a holiday for expressing deep and undying love, I would like to share my love for stationery products.  I have a little hoard of supplies, and I like them so much it's hard to send cards to other people :)
Etsy is a fantastic place to find cards, envelopes, calligraphy services, materials for making your own stationery, plus all the little extras like stickers, washi tape, and cute organizers for all those supplies.  Check out some of my favorites below, and have a happy Valentine's day celebrating your own love/infatuation/crazy obsession!

Kraft paper envelopes would be the perfect blank canvas for decorating up to package small thank you cards or notes to pass to your friends.
from the Scrapbits shop

The graphic shapes and bright colors on this birthday card remind me of all the great books I had when I was a kid that used torn paper for illustrations (like this Leo Lionni favorite). It is just so cheerful.

This set of 3 washi tape rolls is AMAZING. They'd make really cool tabs sticking out of the side of a notebook, they'd be fantastic labels for adding your name inside a favorite book, and it would be super fun to wrap a gift book with one or all three.

Twig pencils, my heart belongs to you.

Happy Monday!

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Jazzy E (hivennn) said...

The pencils are SO cute .x hivennn

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