08 December 2010

A pile of hats and other things

Last chance to enter the giveaway for a $25 gift certificate to the Perknitious shop! Comments close for the drawing at noon today...
Mid-weekly update on works in progress or fresh off the needles:

Recently finished, a Pesco-vegetarian beanie in great purple wool-mohair from my fall swap partner, Lisa (hi, Lisa!)

A second acorn hat in Jared Flood's Shelter (color Button Jar)

Commissions in progress, to be added to the shop very shortly.

What's on your needles or in your craft basket?


addicted_to_Yarn said...

OMG, WOW, AMAZING.. Thank you so much for showing us what you made with the purple Fiber I sent you... Its sooo pretty that hat and I love how that purple fiber came out.. Is it soft?? Great Job Allison!!!

Julie said...

ooh, so busy!! they all look amazing.

Nicole said...

Cute stitch markers on your projects :)

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