20 December 2010

Etsy Monday: Home Wishlist

I've been thoroughly enjoying time with family and relaxing in the California sun (well, it's a bit rainy, but it is so much warmer here than in Chicago!).  My birthday celebration included a new pair of shoes, a "Happy Birthday" serenade from 18 second graders, complete with cha-cha-cha interludes, and a delicious Mexican dinner.  I don't feel older, particularly, but some of those second graders were trying to guess my age and suggested "80" and "40, at least" as options. Oy.

This week's Etsy Monday is a small collection of items for houses and apartments, for those of us who get the nesting urge in winter months.  It may also have been inspired by a weekend trip to Ikea, during which I did not buy anything except a plate of Swedish meatballs, but I ogled all the great fabrics and candle holders and lamps and everything else.  Anyway, let's get down to business!

1. Lavender Tangerine soap from VervainSavon. This may sound a bit funny, but I am missing this soap that I left back in Chicago. It is seriously the nicest soap I have ever used, and it smells simply heavenly. I like to think of it as a decorating feature, too, since the colors are really striking.  I know I'll be buying more from this shop, and I can't recommend it strongly enough.

2. Letting go... print by Timssally.  This little girl and her bird might need to come live on my wall. There are lots of sweet animals and whimsical folks in this shop, and the muted colors are really magical.

3. A crochet snowflake garland made by my friend Molly! Her new shop, just recently opened, is Art of Ariadne, and she has some excellent items for home decor.  This garland would be so cute either on a tree or hung above your doorway to welcome winter into your home in a way that is not wet and slushy.

4. The sweetest woodland friends bookends from Graphic Spaces Wood.  These require no explanation. Just look at their faces!

5. I like to use small bowls for jewelry storage, especially rings and post earrings.  This Ruby Lace bird bowl from PrinceDesignUK is just the right size, and adorable to boot.  The shop also has lovely embossed and glazed ornaments.

I hope your home is warm and cozy this week, and that you are enjoying lots of knitting time as we head towards Christmas! I should have FO pictures to share in the next couple of days, and a few spinning progress photos as well :)


Neuroknitter said...

We had an unusually beautiful morning yesterday, but the rain is back with gusto today! I wish some of that California sun would make its way up here!! Enjoy!!

Love your Etsy lists!! I like to have destinations when I visit Etsy!! :)

Happy Monday!

Molly said...

Thanks for mentioning my garland! I hope someone buys it! Meanwhile, I am enjoying it on my little tree : )

So glad you are enjoying California weather. We will be leaving for Houston in a few days. Definitely looking forward to getting out of this blizzard.

Nicole said...

Lol... 40, at least!

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