15 November 2010

Etsy Monday: A Little Thistle!

This morning, I hope you'll settle down with your coffee or tea and head over to a very sweet shop called A Little Thistle, where you can find hand-crafted accessories, from jewelry to headbands to small notebooks for your daily listing needs.   Let's jump right in with one of my absolute favorite items!

This tiny spool necklace would make the perfect gift for your favorite crafter this holiday season.  It's super small (just 1/2" square) but incredibly charming.

Like so many other people right now, I'm a little bit obsessed with headbands, especially the ones with flowers attached! This is my favorite take on the flowered headband yet:

The color in this Zippered Rosette Headband is subtle, and the exposed zipper edging is unusual enough that you don't immediately recognize what it is.  Once you do notice, the concept adds a touch of industrial flair!  This would look so great paired with a floaty dress and denim jacket.

One last piece that really caught my eye was the Amethyst Row Necklace.

Combining cotton cord with the rustic-cut gemstones really takes this simple necklace to a different level, and all the stones have been arranged so beautifully for a balance of shades across the pendant. Can I also just tell you how much I love the sweet, simple labels attached to all of these items?  The doilies are the perfect touch.

If you'd like a little more insight into the creative process and inspiration that goes into these accessories, you can check out more of Kyla's crafting and fantastic story-telling on her blog, Kyla Roma, one of my newest daily reads. I hope you find something you like at A Little Thistle!

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Kyla Roma said...

Thanks so much for the feature Allison! :)

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