11 November 2010

Craft Fair Day!

Hello, all - wow, it's been a little while. I got to spend last weekend in D.C., which was so much fun and such a nice break from Chicago (although I got back into town and it was 70 degrees. In November!). Today I just wanted to pop in and share the info about the craft fair I'm selling in tonight. For those of you in the Chicago area, you might like to stop by and support a wonderful cause.

Link -

How about a vacation photo? These four delicious creations from Georgetown Cupcake were one of the highlights of my trip :)

Tomorrow I'm headed out of town again, this time to Denver, but I have some FO photos and links to share first. Talk to you soon!


Julie said...

good luck at the craft fair!! And damn, those cupcakes look dee-lish!!

Nicole said...


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