25 October 2010

Six days, day 4: WIP roundup

Hi! Sunday de-railed my plan to post every day, since I was busy reading and grading student papers, but I'm back with two entries planned for today, and this first one involves a few quick updates :)

List-style photo attack, coming your way...
1. Gentleman's Fancy Socks

 2. XOX cable socks

3. Springtime Bandit shawl

4. New pattern (preview - the giveaway starts Tuesday!)

More giveaways to enter - you should, because the prizes are wonderful!
*Over at Dainty Squid, enter to win a $25 gift certificate to a fantastic Etsy shop with Japanese fabric and more.
*Win a lovely hand-painted glass over at City of Dionne.
*A super sweet prize pack is being offered by LoveElycia.

1 comment:

Nicole said...

Those socks look great!

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