25 October 2010

Six days, day 5: Celebration Garland tutorial

This post is another little tutorial I've put together to help you make a decorative garland for your desk, headboard, kitchen sink, or really any other place that needs brightening up. I'd love to see your garlands and read about any modifications you can come up with. Without further ado:


Sock yarn leftovers (fingering or sport weight), in colors of your choice
US 5 knitting needles
Crochet hook (I used size F)
Yarn needle

To begin, you'll need to knit a number of triangles. The simple pattern is as follows.

Cast on 1 stitch

Row 1: k1 f&b (knit into the front and back of the same stitch) - 2 sts
Row 2: k1 f&b, k1 - 3 sts
Row 3: k all
Row 4: k1 f&b, k1 f&b, k1 - 5 sts
Row 5: k all
Row 6: k1 f&b, knit to 2 sts before end of row, k1 f&b, k1 - increased 2 sts
Row 7: k all

Repeat rows 6 and 7 until you have 15 sts on your needles.
Bind off all sts

Make some more triangles, as many as you like and using as many different colors as you like! I chose two shades of self-striping sock yarn.

Now you will use your crochet hook and one color of yarn to connect the triangles into a garland.  Using chain stitch, chain 10 stitches. 

Using single crochet, crochet through the top (bound off edge) of one triangle for 13 stitches, making one crochet stitch for each bound off loop.  

Your triangle is now attached to the garland!
Chain 10 stitches and attach another triangle as above.

Once you have attached all your triangles, chain 10 more stitches, cut the yarn, and tie a knot. 

Weave in all the yarn ends.

Hang your garland and have a little celebration!

This garland might also make a cute, reusable ribbon for tying up gift packages - maybe even in yarn that matches a pair of handknit socks? Have fun!

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