17 September 2010

Friday: Link Love

Thank you for the comments about my new shop items! Doing that shoot and listing everything was really fun. I'm thinking that for winter items we'll shoot downtown with the city skyline.
How about a few interesting fiber-y links for your weekend?

The Fiber Cooperative: they have collected all the sellers and their tempting photos in one place. This site is dangerous but nearly irresistible.

They Told Me Sew at Etsy, where I bought this great fiber

which is spinning up in to this beautiful single

And a different sort of fiber is over at Not Martha, where you can learn how to make cobbler in jars.

Last bit of news - the professor I work for very sweetly brought back yarn for me from his recent trip to Germany, and now I get to try Zauberball! He asked what color I wanted before he left, and I said "Oh, anything." He came back with pink and blue, which is just perfect and makes me smile.

I'm off on a yarn store excursion with a knitty friend - enjoy your Friday!


Julie said...

ooh gorgeous roving, and gorgeous yarn!

addicted_to_Yarn said...

You are soo Lucky... What a gift from your co-worker/teacher... I am looking forward to seeing what you create with they yarn...

Molly said...

Zauberballs! That is too sweet!!

cb said...

that yarn looks great! love the blue! i wish i had more patience for spinning but i don't :( i loved using the drop spindle though!


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