01 September 2010

4 simple goals

September 1st seems like a great time for reassessing how life is going and how I can make small changes to make things even better.  Elsie over at A Beautiful Mess (if you haven't seen her blog, please please please go check it out!) started something that has caught on and that I want to try:

Banner made by Elsie

My take on this personal challenge is to set up 4 simple goals for myself, small steps that will enrich my life and provide some positive motivation to make changes and make me and those around me happy and healthy. I'll be completing these before 2011, when I know I'll want to make a few more, and I'll blog about how things are going. So here they are:

1. Build a fantastic Etsy shop and fill it with handknits and yarn that I love. I'm planning a revamp in the middle of this month, and I'm excited to keep up with designing items and arranging fun photo shoots with friends to really make this more of a business than a hobby.

2. Incorporate travel and travel plans into my schedule. From day-trips to Chicago locations to visiting new and old cities, I want to get out and enjoy being away from home.

3. Look for the fun in studying. I'm tired of blahs and groans coming to the front of my mind when I think about spending time in the library, so I'll find many small ways to make my work more enjoyable. I already bought a cute notebook and new pencils for Fall quarter!

Image via we heart it

4. Take time for daily fitness.  Yoga stretches in the morning, dvd workouts with the fabulous N., a little bit of time at the gym, walks to the lake - there are so many ways to be active, and I am going to take advantage!

also from we heart it

Are you participating in 4 simple goals? Any other challenges you've set for yourself lately? Let's chat in the comments :)


Beverly said...

This is a great idea!

vberry said...

4 goals:

1) Finish my swap project - man, those seem to take forever :D

2) Finish my book - only a couple of chapters to go!

3) Drink half of my body weight in fluid ounces today.

4) Get my flat tire changed!

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