28 August 2010

Pickled Pink

Yesterday afternoon, to start off my weekend, I made my first ever batch of refrigerator pickles. I used the guidelines in the August 2010 issue of "Eating Well" magazine, a new favorite reference that Knitterboi and his mom introduced me to this summer.

I started with pickling cucumbers (which were on sale at the store - why not take advantage?) and these other easy ingredients:
*cider vinegar
(these first four get boiled together for a few minutes to make a sour brine, which is poured over cucumbers and...)

*fresh dill
*ground mustard
(all of which stew together in...)
*old pickle jars, washed and dried for re-use

After slightly less than the 24-hour recommended pickling time in the fridge - because what can I say, I had to try them as soon as I rolled out of bed this morning - these pickles are crispy, flavorful, and so so so delicious. I may never buy pickles from the store again! Yum :)

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