23 August 2010

FO: Jess's Stripey Sweater

I knit this from my own pattern (I sort of made it up as I went along, with the recipient graciously trying it on for fit every few inches) for my lovely sister, Jessica. We chose the yarn together at a Marden's store in Maine, and I was able to knit most of it up during the vacation, which included a number of long car rides and evenings of movie watching.

Pattern: My own, a top-down, raglan yoked cardigan with stripes of varying widths (my Ravelry project page is here)
The smaller stripes in the waist area are meant to give the impression of some waist shaping, when actually the whole body is knit straight. There are ribbed borders and a seed-stitch button band. The sleeves are very long, because Jessica has gorilla arms. I mean, she's very tall, so it's excusable, but those things are giant.

Yarn: A surprisingly soft acrylic in Linen and Taupe
Needles: US7 circular needles

Verdict: Success! It's probably too warm for her to wear it right now, but hopefully this will be something she can just throw on in the classroom on chilly days and throw in the wash when the kids get handprints all over it.

Also, lots of stripes = lots of ends to weave in and trim. Thank goodness for darning needles!
I should be back this afternoon with an Etsy Monday post, so keep your eyes peeled :)


LEO said...

I love this sweater!! Clever move with the narrow stripes around the waist - I bet that looks really nice on. Also I'm totally cracking up that you said your sister has gorilla arms. Poor sister. At least she gets a hand-knit sweater. :)

Julie said...

i love that sweater! so classic, so cozy.

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