20 August 2010

FO: 220 yards of heaven

Hello, hello! I'm back from a couple of weeks of taking it easy (by which I mean knitting up a storm, hanging out with friends, and writing papers, but I did take time off from blogging!), and I wanted to start out by showing off my favorite recent knitting project, all finished up.

Pattern: 198 Yards of Heaven (my ravelry project page here)
Yarn: a 2-ply wool angora blend from Friends' Folly Farm in Monmouth, ME. The luminous purple colorway has great shots of hot pink, which you can see best in this photo.

Needles: US 7 (4.5mm)
Mods: Most obviously, I used a much lighter weight yarn than the pattern called for, but still on large needles. I think it really opened up the motifs and made the most of my 220 yards of this great yarn.  The finished object is a decent size for a mini shawlette (I have no trouble wrapping it around my neck and getting it to stay on, which was really the only requirement).

For the eagle-eyed among us, yes, that is Greek in the background, and it is from 1 Thess 5:16-18

I also did more repeats of the first chart and only got through a few rows of the edging chart. This was simply because I liked the results of the first chart better and I wasn't too set on having pronounced points along the edge.

Verdict: Success! I loved this yarn the moment I saw it in the yurt (yes, the yarn yurt!), and I wanted to find a pattern that would show off its shine and drapey quality. 198 Yards of Heaven was a great match.

Also check out this ridiculous outtake from my little photoshoot. I look pretty special.

I'm glad to be back, and I can't wait to hear all that you've been working on and enjoying this summer! Let's chat in the comments.


Julie said...

wow, it's gorgeous!! the colour is amazing on you.

Siga said...

This looks great. I've also knit this pattern earlier in the year and remember it to be really fun. Hmmm... Maybe it'd be a good gift for somebody as well? Well done!

Allison said...

Thank you both!

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