20 May 2010

Love for (sock) leftovers

Normally when it comes to leftovers, I'm a bit wishy-washy. I go to the fridge the day after a delicious takeout meal, and I stare down the containers of food. The dialogue in my head goes something like this:

Al: "Self, we know that food is good."
Self: "Sure, but we didn't cook last night, and it would be far too lazy of us to take a break again tonight."
Al: "On the other hand, you know how much we hate washing dishes."
Self: "... You almost convinced me. But please consider the fact that your tastebuds will get bored if you don't offer them something new."
Al: "What about the potential waste, self? If we don't eat those leftovers, they might go bad, and what a waste of money that would be."
Self: "Ha! There is other food in the fridge that's been here longer than one night - it could go bad first, so we'd better eat it."

etc. until both sides have gotten to the point where any choice I make is fraught with the threat of guilt or food poisoning, and I run for the chips and salsa.

This is decidedly not the case with sock yarn leftovers. I have no qualms whatsoever about grabbing two partial skeins and heading for the needles. Yarn doesn't go bad! It won't make me sick! My fingers don't have picky tastebuds! Well, that last one might be a lie, if the hand-aches induced by knitting with non-stretchy acrylic are any indication.
Anyhow, the point of this story is that right now, I'm working with two Knit Picks yarns for these geometric-patterned colorwork socks.

I think the second sock will use pink instead of blue for a not-so-subtle mismatched quality. It's really nice to have socks back on the needles in the midst of a parade of larger projects that make for slow progress and low portability.  These are provisionally called "Azteca socks", and I should finish them up at about the same time I finish my assignments and classes for this quarter.

We've hit crunchtime here in the Spring quarter, so I will probably continue to be sporadic about posting. Hopefully, though, now that the weather is clearing up (please stay warm!), I'll be able to show you some photos of all that slow progress...

Happy knitting!


Terby said...

These are awesome! Absolutely adore.

Kathy said...

Your socks are so pretty. Love the blues and browns. I am really an exclusive sock knitter these days....
just right for my need to succeed.

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