24 May 2010

Etsy Monday: Tascha!

Hello, dear readers!
We had a scorcher of a day here in Chicago yesterday, so I'm in the mood to share something bright and sunny. Please go check out Tascha's Online Art Gallery.

You'll find all sorts of cheery paintings full of sweet characters and lovely details. I know we knitters will be particularly smitten with this one!

Don't you just adore the stitching on her pockets? If I had a fox friend, I would definitely knit him a purple scarf, and I really wish I had that bright green table as a knitting space. The rest of the babushkas, engaged in domestic tasks and enjoying outings with friendly creatures (from hedgehogs to elephants), will also make you smile.

I really enjoy looking at different paintings in the Frida Kahlo series. I think the creative pairings between the artist and various whimsical items like a jar of fireflies and a tiny baby deer really would put a smile on Frida's (normally grumpy in the self-portraits!) face. I like to imagine she would have enjoyed picking these flowers.

And no visit to Tascha's fantastic shop would be complete without a look at her beautiful dolls.

Their handpainted faces and adorable shoes are just perfect.

I really hope you'll take a moment to check out the shop and put a smile on your face this Monday.  Enjoy!
*thanks to Tascha for permission to use the photos*


tascha said...

Thanks so much for the blog feature!

Kathy said...

You have introduced me to great whimsy. I love the babushkas and the fox. My new little Cricket pup looks like a black fox. And my ancestors wore babushkas!

Julie said...

So cute!! I love the dolls, and the colours are incredible.

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