20 April 2010

Progress Report

Looks like yet another beautiful day outside, and I'm in a matching mood. I have some WIPs to show off, and some happy news to share.

The Calais Shawl is on my needles, and just about ready to be cast off and blocked. This will definitely be an FO by the end of the week.

I have thoroughly enjoyed the simple lace repeats with this pattern, especially because I am still obsessed with watching episodes of Bones, and I can concentrate on the show and the knitting at the same time.

My Honeybee Cardigan is also growing, albeit a bit more slowly than the shawl. The rows are just so dang long in sock weight - 276 stitches!! It does look gorgeous, though.

These are the two projects that are taking up most of my attention, but the log cabins are slowly piling up in the background. I made that sound really ominous, even though they're just harmless dishcloths...

The other bit of news I have to share with you is that my friend N and I will be teaming up for a giveaway! We started a facebook fan page just at the end of March, and we already have over 75 fans (and many of them are just friendly people we've never even met! I'm sort of in shock over here). We want to reward them (and all of you lovely readers) for being so great and commenting on our crafts, so the blog will be hosting a giveaway of a brand new product that N and I will make together. Care to hazard any guesses as to what the item will be?

Have a wonderful Tuesday :)

1 comment:

Julie said...

both projects look fantastic! love the sparkly yarn for honeybee. I can't guess what you'll be launching next- I was going to say stitch markers, but those are already covered!yarny-themed jewellery, perhaps?

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