19 April 2010

Etsy Monday: ncharshaf!

Good morning, lovely readers!
I had such a wonderful weekend, including a walk by the lake and great conversation with a friend, a real spring cleaning at home (I took the plunge and packed away my winter sweaters, so I hope it actually stays warm out), some rummage sale bargains, and the acquisition of a toaster oven. Plus, it was sunny the whole time. I think I'd like another day off to enjoy this weather :)

This morning, I have some more inspiring items to show off from a talented Etsy seller. Check out ncharshaf's shop for cards, notebooks, and stationery sets in great themes.

If you know me even a bit, you probably know that my love for cupcakes and my love for paper products both run deep. This card, featuring a highly textured paper and a tasty-looking cake, is just calling out to me.

There are also hand bound notebooks in various fabrics and prints. Wouldn't the lobster notebook be so great for documenting my summer vacation in Maine? It's just the right size (3.5" x4.5") for keeping a few notes about each day and drawing my own lobster doodles (which would probably be deformed, but at least it would be fun to try).

And this one, a flower notebook in a perfect spring-y print, would be so perfect for keeping track of card game scores when N and I go play Phase10 in the park. Hopefully I would win every game so that N's victories wouldn't mar my beautiful notebook.

Go to the shop now and find your own favorites.
Happy knitting!

*Thanks to Nicole for permission to use the photos*


Zemphira ~ Scatter Art. said...

I LOVE the lobster.
What a nice feature!

Nicole said...

Thank you so much for the lovely feature! Mondays are not so bad after all :)

My boyfriend is quite pleased that the lobster is getting some attention (it was his idea to get the print and he was adamant that the right person would love it)

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