28 March 2010

FO: Winey Tulips (Papaver Socks)

Hello! During yesterday's photoshoot, I also got N to take some shots of me modeling my newest pair of socks. I absolutely love love love these.

Papaver Socks by Anne Hanson, knit with some of that Dream in Color yarn that came to our Stitch n' Bitch two weeks ago. Obviously, I couldn't hold back from using this great wine-raisin color for long!

US1 dpns, as usual, and I modified the heel to use my usual heel flap construction, simply because I don't like the way short row heels fit my foot.

The pattern was easy to follow, with written instructions and a chart, and the finished socks fit beautifully. I'll definitely be using this pattern again (I have some gift socks in mind already!).

There's another FO to show you on Tuesday, after tomorrow's Etsy feature. Hope you're enjoying the weekend!

1 comment:

Kathy said...

Amazin Raisens!

You knit them up so fast!!!!

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