29 March 2010

Etsy Monday: Zosterops!

This week's feature is for all of you in the market for some really cute jewelry. Now that Spring is officially here and the gloves (and mittens) are off, so to speak, my attention has been turning to rings as signature pieces. I found just what I had in mind in this next shop: Zosterops.

This first piece is a light pink/peach rose ring. It's so appealing and girly, and I can imagine the perfect setting for wearing it. I'm thinking tea party in the garden, where ladies and gents dress in their finest flowered skirts and pinstripe shirts - with bowties, even! - to munch on cucumber sandwiches and play croquet. This whole garden party thing is making me eager for next weekend. Can the ring get here from Hong Kong in time for Easter Sunday? :)

This next ring is the one that really caught my eye! I just love the intricacy of the dahlia petals and center, and the way the carving allows for really deep shadows inside each petal. And I think by now, many of you know just how much I adore this particular shade of pink.

Zosterops also features other handcrafted jewelry pieces, including these little bird friends, who are simply irresistible in their preciousness. This is the pair of earrings I wish I'd had back when I first got my ears pierced at age 7! At the time, I think I wanted big, gold pirate hoops, but now, looking back, I think these would have been perfect.

So go check out the rest of the shop! The prices are just right for you to indulge that springtime jewelry craving. Have a great Monday and a wonderful week :)

*All photos from the Zosterops shop, used with permission*

1 comment:

Julie said...

so pretty! the perfect stuff for spring, it looks like.

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