20 January 2010

FO Endless Rose Hat

First hat to donate - this one was a blast to knit! I always get myself really worked up over colorwork and worry that my tension will be horrible and that the pattern is turning out to be hideous after 5 or 6 rows, and then I generally frog.

Peek inside!

I stuck with it and ended up with what I think is a pretty great looking hat. The pattern is a modified version of the Endless Rose Hat by Mari Kermit-Canfield. The chart was clear and easy to follow, and the only reason I made changes was because I wanted to make my version a bit smaller. I cast on 3 repeats instead of 4, and worked half the chart before switching (yes, sort of abruptly, and I probably could have chosen a better transition row) to 2 row alternating stripes of color while I did the crown decreases. I like to think the stripes give it a bit of a modern look. I haven't decided what hat to make next, but I'm really enjoying the stranded knitting!

ETA: Another earthquake just hit Haiti this morning. Please give if you can.
I chose MSF - see the YarnHarlot's blog for more info on Knitters without Borders.

1 comment:

Julie said...

awesome colorwork!! I haven't seen that pattern before, looks great!

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