09 June 2009

Last day before a change

School update!

One final exam this morning, and a class this afternoon, then I'm free and clear except for a bit of leisurely paper writing that I plan to stretch out over the rest of the month. I guess that means I'm delaying the real start of summer, but having those extra hours that aren't filled with reading and class prep ought to make paper writing a little less difficult. I always find it hard to devote the time to reading books related to my paper topic when I know that there's more I could (should?) be doing for the class that's still going on. Instead of multitasking, then, I put the papers off until the very end of the quarter. This works well during those quarters when I don't have a translation class, but when I have exams, those papers really do just tend to sit until everything else is over.

But that's today! This means tomorrow I go into full-time paper-writing mode, which means research and thinking time, which means I need some meditative knitting that doesn't require too much concentration.

(Gus also wants you to know that we will be ready for a long nap after today's craziness)

I have a couple of projects lined up, and I'll show them to you soon. For now, it's all about Greek vocab and grammar, at least for 3 more hours...

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