29 July 2008


Still chugging away on that collection of papers over here, but I'm managing to squeeze in a little time for knitting, mostly in the evenings and on the weekends.
Progress report!

I've finished the lace section of the front (or back, I guess), and I'm about 4" into the back. Once I finish this panel, it should be a quick finish, with a section of ribbing in the round that ought to just fly by. I'm hoping to have this one finished by the weekend.

Waiting for me to knit the thumbs. I'm just being lazy, but it's the work of about an hour.

Beaded Coin Purse
All done!

Coming up soon
Drawstring chemise in purple cotton

If you're wondering why there are no pictures lately, it's because of my camera and its dumb old batteries. I've been using the same rechargeable batteries for over 3 years, ever since I got the camera, and recently they refuse to hold a charge for more than about 5 pictures. As soon as I replace them, I'm sure I'll have some photos to post. Until then, happy knitting!

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Anonymous said...

I'm your secret pal, and I sent you a message. check your spam folder!! Looking forward to spoiling you.

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