16 June 2008

Summer, at last!

Hello, lovelies!
Long time no see... I managed to survive the end of the quarter, host a delicious cupcake party on Friday night,
and I'm slowly getting back into the swing of writing papers during the day and doing lots of knitting, chatting, movie-watching, summer eating, etc. in the evenings. I'll admit I've been staying up later and later every night having fun, when I should be working on finishing these papers, but there's the whole summer for work and I'm feeling way behind on fun after that busy quarter!

Let's see... What else is new? I got together with a couple other Div School girls for Knit In Public Day on Saturday, and enjoyed a tall glass of V-8 with ice at a local cafe (look at that nice transition to answer the SP12 Question of the Week - favorite summertime drink: really any kind of juice with lots of ice for intermittent crunching. Yum!)

I still don't have knitting pictures uploaded from my camera, but I've got some more free time tomorrow that will be devoted to blogging. Get ready for socks and Orangina progress!

Yes, we really are this ridiculous. But it is fun.

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