27 February 2008

Oh, by the way!

Gretel II!

Project Specs
Yarn: Caron Simply Soft, Iris, about 1/2 a skein (these slouchy hats use up massive amounts of yarn)
Needles: US7s, US5s for the ribbing

Pattern: Gretel by Ysolda (Ravelry link)
Verdict: Still love the squishy cables and the effortlessly classy look of the finished object. I've got one more to go for good ol' "anonymous", who posted the creepy comment I WANT THAT a few posts ago :) As soon as I acquire some gray yarn, your dream will come true.

If I look sleepy in that last picture, it's because I've been swamped with homework for the last few days. This problem probably won't get better in the near future, seeing as how it's the end of the quarter. I'm preparing a paper for presentation at a workshop in April (and Peter Piper is picking a peck of pickled peppers), finishing a paper from last quarter, and starting research for a new one I've got to write before this quarter ends.
Anyone up for some stress-knitting?

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