09 February 2008

Anatomy of a Saturday Morning

1. Decide it's time to start knitting the roommate's red hat. Gather up needles, yarn, and pattern. Be pleased with yourself because red fits with the Project Spectrum theme of FIRE.

2. Knit the first four incredibly fiddly rows of this hat. Rip them out in frustration because "I am knitting upside down! Something is really wrong!"

3. Knit those fiddly rows again, worry about the upside down factor for a few minutes, and decide to suck it up and keep moving ahead. This is a tough call, so you pause for a second (ahem, 10 or 15 minutes) to look at other people's fancy knitting.

4. Knit about an inch more and realize "OH! This hat is top down, so of course I'm going to be knitting upside down! Right!"

5. Take a break to do your hair and get dressed. Contemplate heading to the library to start homework, but decide to continue the knitting. It's just starting to get good, after all.

6. Knit until you've completed the first whole leaf. Do a bit of a happy dance and reward yourself by checking out a few more blogs (hello, does anyone else want to knit a ribby bolero now?!).

7. Get right back to knitting. Feel guilty about not going to the library for a minute, until you've completed another set of leaves; then remind yourself how much more fun this is than translating Greek. Take more pictures.
8. Knit! Decide it's a good idea to finish all the crown increases before stopping and heading to the library. Document your progress frequently.
9. Look at some more blogs and decide that it would be a good idea to put your pictures up to share with everybody. Hey, it beats going to the library...


Stephanie said...

That's how all my days go. (Knitting and knit blogging has managed to turn my procrastination into an art form.)

Jayden's Mom said...

I was laughing while reading yr post... reminded me when I was preparing for my exams. The temptation of knitting was just too much to bear and I sneaked back to knit a few rows after every hour of studying! :o)

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