22 January 2008

...And an intentional FOto shoot

For some crazy reason, I thought it would be a good idea to knit a tiny-gauge hat for a friend without a pattern. I like to fly by the seat of my pants sometimes, and this time it happened to work out!
Here we have the belated Christmas hat:

from above

on a head (though it's not for me, and I really hope it fits the recipient)

Project Specs:

Pattern, Yarn, Needles, all the info in one: I started with 144 sts on a 16" US3 circular needle, using KnitPicks Palette in Navy. I did a 4x4 ribbed brim, then knit in stockinette until it fit on my head and seemed like it needed some decreases (I could never write patterns - "knit it until it fits okay and you feel like moving forward."). I did 12 regularly spaced decreases, changing to dpns when necessary, until I was left with 12 stitches on the needle, then I just whipped the end through those and tied it off. I ended up using about 2/3 of the 231 yards of yarn in my skein.

I'm sort of sold on the tiny gauge right now (my only other project is a pair of socks on US1s), and it knit up a lot faster than I expected it to. Depending on how this is received, I might be willing to knit more hats this way in the future, at least as gifts to enthusiastic friends. This guy, at least, seems really excited about getting his new hat: last night I sent an e-mail telling him it was ready, and his immediate reply was "YAY!", and he hasn't even seen the thing yet. That's the sort of response we all want, right?

Happy Knitting!

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