11 February 2007

Gloomy Sunday

Shouldn't that be some sort of oxymoron because of the juxtaposition of gloomy and sun? Well, in any case it fits with how I've been feeling today. The rest of my week was wonderful - I was able to catch up with several friends I haven't seen all quarter, and I had a great time hanging out with the usuals, playing games, eating candy, and talking up a storm. Frankly, however, today has been a bust, apart from the knitting I've accomplished.
But this is a knitting blog, so I get to come here and celebrate having completed the body of my sweater! Now it just needs sleeves. I need to get some better pictures for you guys :)

I'm planning a massive shop update over at etsy later on in the week, so I'll be posting a little bit about those projects here soon, too. Right now it's back to working on a midterm paper and moping about how exhausted I am. Grump grump grump...

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