05 February 2007

FO! (Functional Object)

So here is my mini, makeshift tea cozy:

It's using a yarn called "Licorice" that I bought at a JoAnn's clearance sale (50% off! woohoo!), and just a bit of ribbon threaded through eyelets (yo, k2tog). Not the most exciting project ever, as I just knit a rectangle with ribbing at each end and garter stitch borders, but it seems to work well for keeping the teapot warm until I'm ready for my refill.

Otherwise, my weekend looked like this:

I was camped out on my bed studying for a Hebrew midterm this morning (8am! gross!) and translating some New Testament Greek for another class, plus you can see the top-down raglan I started in Lion Brand Wool-Ease, color: Natural Heather. I'll give you more info about the sweater in a bit, but I'm thinking I will include 3/4 length or long sleeves with a little button detail.

More soon!


katie said...

Good for you, mixing the knitting and the studying. I had a hard time fitting the studying in this weekend. :)

may said...

that's a cute little cozy!

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