12 September 2006

Movin' On Up, Part II

I'm settling nicely in the new place, with a few rubbermaid tubs left to unpack, but already a great feeling about my new home.
Sorry I've been away so long. They weren't kidding about this Hebrew class being intense! I've done a bit of knitting, which I will hopefully be able to show you in an entry tomorrow. Today is going to be devoted to studying for a quiz and finishing my last paper. The other has been turned in (hooray!), and the end of this one is so close I can taste it.
Just wanted to check in - I'll be back with a full entry and a list for you tomorrow :)
Happy knitting!


Valerie said...

Good luck in your new home.

I love, love love my packages, you are a great SP.

Elisabeth said...

Isn't it great to be in a new place? I love that feeling of being able to start over and find the perfect place to put everything (not that I ever actually find the perfect place to put everything, but it gives me hope).

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