13 September 2006


a crucial camera piece, so no pictures of my latest knitting for you :(
Still working on blue armwarmers with eyelet stripes. One is finished, and I love love love it. I can see myself making so many more of these, maybe in a drapey, grey mohair or chunky black with sparkly thread and a ribbon through the eyelets.

I'm also missing a fairly large chunk of my brain function, what with cramming my head full of Hebrew vocabulary, verb paradigms, and pronomial suffixes (why oh why did they not like the pronouns? grrr). Hopefully this weekend will be restful, and I'll find the USB cord for hooking the camera up to the computer, and I can share some lovelies with you all.

For now, how about some old pictures?

(messing around with camera settings sometimes has fun results)

Friends currently on vacation are coming back into town this week, since it's almost time for school again, and especially with Cute BF getting here Friday I'm excited about being finished with class and having some free time for game nights. During which I will win every game. Or have a fantastic time trying.

Oh yes, and the list continues...
71. I was obsessed with playing Mousetrap (the board game) when I was little.
72. I don't own an umbrella.
73. I hate the sticky edge-residue bandaids leave on your skin.
74. I don't like bananas, but I love most banana-flavored candy.
75. My confirmation name is Genevieve, mostly because the French saint has her own song in the musical Camelot, but also because any saint whose intercession can turn aside Attila the Hun is alright in my book.
76. I always use too much tape.
77. My secret password for forts and clubhouses when I was in elementary school was always "mayonnaise." Surprisingly few people ever guessed it; feel free to use it the next time you're holed up in a pillow fort.
78. The movie Goonies scared me so much I haven't watched it again since 2nd grade.
79. I had a crush on Sebastian from the Neverending Story.
80. I take my hot chocolate with extra marshmallows, thank you.

1 comment:

may said...

oooh...i'm the same way with bananas!!

banana runts are my favorite!

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