14 July 2006

A thought

While a walk to the store for popsicles may SOUND like a pleasant evening outing, one really ought not exert oneself by taking the circa-2-hours round trip walk in the 80 degree heat compounded by 62% humidity, because the half-melted popsicles will not seem like nearly enough reward when one finally arrives home, disheveled and looking like a giant sweatball.
Thank goodness I had the foresight to purchase an extra, longer-lasting treat. And to jump in the cold shower when I got back. Can you tell I feel better? Later this evening, you might find me lying in front of a fan, watching a movie, eating popsicles, and placing a cool cloth on my forehead.
How will you beat the heat?


Elisabeth said...

Air conditioned bedroom. Which I did not leave except to go downtown to spend time in air conditioned stores. God, I hate this weather.

Hope to see you at snb tonight!

AmyArtisan said...

Sounds like you're doing your best to beat the heat! :)

Terby said...

Thank goodness I have air conditioning. It's in the 90's down here, and humid, and awful. I forgot gel today, and my hair is huge.

I bet those dishcloths would be heavenly stored in the freezer and put on a sweaty forehead.

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